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Cover image for Pogo : the complete syndicated comic strips
Pogo : the complete syndicated comic strips
Uniform Title:
Pogo (Comic strip). Selections






Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics Books, [2011-2017]
Physical Description:
volumes : illustrations (some color) ; 24 x 29 cm
General Note:
Vol. 1 foreword by Jimmy Breslin; Vol. 2 foreword by Stan Freberg; Vol. 4 foreword by Neil Gaiman.

Editor's note p. ix: "And so for this first release we are able to bring you the first two years of Pogo ... and since those were not full years, there's ample room for the precursor of the nationally-syndicated strip. ... Subsequent volumes will each house two full years, give or take a week or so when a storyline stretched past New Year's Day and so belongs in either volume. Kelly wrote and drew Pogo for twenty-four years, and each of these books is designed to contain two years so we're looking at a nice, even twelve volumes."
v. 1. (1949-1950): Through the wild blue wonder -- v. 2. (1951-1952) : Bona fide balderdash -- v. 3. 1953-1954 : Evidence to the contrary -- v. 4. 1955-1956 : Under the bamboozle bush -- v. 5. 1957-1958. Out of this world at home.
"Welcome to the Okefenokee Swamp where you're apt to meet someone you know, someone you want to know and at least a few you'll quote to your dying day. Walt Kelly launched the Pogo newspaper strip in 1948 and after but three years, his cartooning brethren awarded him their highest honor, the Reuben Award. A good chunk of that three years is contained in this book. It's Volume 1 of the long-desired complete reprinting of every daily Pogo strip in black and white and for the first time, every Sunday page in full color ... plus, there are many large scans from the original art showing Kelly's beautiful brush line. The book is designed by and produced under the watchful supervision of Walt's daughter, Carolyn Kelly. Here's Walt Kelly's Pogo ... a very high watermark in the history of the funny pages."--Page [4] of jacket.

"Volume 2 in Fantagraphics' projected 12-volume reprinting of the syndicated Pogo strip introduces one of Walt Kelly's greatest recurring storylines: our possum hero's ever-reluctant quadrennial run for president ... Okefenokee Swamp grows ever more populated with the addition of, among others, the sinister duo of Sarcophagus MacAbre and Wiley Catt (intent on dining on turtle soup--or, failing that, mushrat stew); the disruptive Cowbirds; Tammanany Tiger, the ultimate political animal; and an obstreperous new porkypine who briefly displaces the old one. Also in this volume: a poetry contest involving a Rhyming Worm; bird-watching with the Bats; a journey to Mars; Albert's exoneration from the charge of cannibalism; a parody of Little Orphan Annie featuring Houn'dog and Pogo as 'Lil'l Arf and Nonny'; two slightly twisted fairytales, 'Handle and Gristle' and 'Goldie Lox'; Howland Owl and Churchy La Femme's career as dentists; and of course a few rousing seasonal choruses of 'Deck Us All With Boston Charlie.' This volume features two full years' worth of meticulously-restored Pogo strips, including dailies and (for the first time in 60 years in their original, spectacular color) Sundays--plus informative story notes by historian R.C. Harvey, archival reproductions of original Kelly art, and a new introduction by the legendary satirist and friend of Walt's, Stan Freberg"--Front jacket flap.

"Volume 3 covers the years that Walt Kelly took political commentary in Pogo to a new level. It was the year some readers finally noticed that while Mr Kelly had been writing and drawing about amusing, colorful swampland critters, he was also writing about some of the more dangerous critters in the real world, taking on Senator Joseph McCarthy in the form of wildcat Simple J. Malarkey (a controversial move at the time) and more in this collection of years 1953-1954. This volume features twoi full years' worth of loving restored Pogo strips, including dailies and - for the first time in sixty years in their original color versions - the Sunday funnies ... There are annotations from historian R.C. Harvey, a selection of Noteworthy Quotes and a foreword by ... editorial cartoonist Mike Peters"--Publisher's description.

"Volume 4, in addition to presenting all of 1955 and 1956's daily Pogo strips complete and in order for the first time anywhere (many of them once again scanned from original syndicate proofs, for their crispest and most detailed appearance ever), of Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips "Under the Bamboozle Bush" also contains all 104 Sunday strips from these two years, presented in lush full color for the first time since their original appearance in Sunday newspaper sections 60 years ago - plus the usual in-depth "Swamp Talk" annotations by R.C. Harvey, spectacular samples of Kelly's work scanned from original art, and a whole lot more!"--Publisher's website.


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The first volume of a definitive 12-volume series reprinting the legendary Pogo comic strip by Walt Kelly from 1949 to 1973, designed by Bone creator Jeff Smith! Kelly, a former Disney animator, blended nonsense, poetry and political and social satire to make Pogo an essential contribution to American intellectual comics. The first volume reprints approximately two years of Pogo - both Sundays and dailies.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

This exceptional first volume of the collected adventures of Pogo Possum should remind readers of the substantial legacy left behind by Kelly. It features Kelly's daily strips (1949-1950), Sunday funnies (1950), and even his earlier New York Star dailies (1948-1949). The volume is beautifully put together, including excellent insights into Kelly and his work, and features a foreword by Jimmy Breslin and a concluding section, "Swamp Talk," featuring annotations by comics historian R.C. Harvey. One only needs to get a short way into the adventures of Pogo and his pals in Okefenokee Swamp to recognize the impact Pogo has had on so many cartoonists, with Gary Trudeau, Jeff Smith, and Bill Watterson among the most obvious. With Pogo Possum and supporting characters Albert Alligator, Howland Owl, and Churchy LaFemme, Kelly was able to blend hilarious humor, exceptional storytelling, keen political satire, and brilliant wordplay into a strip that could be appreciated both by children and adults. The more one reads this volume, the clearer picture one has of Kelly as comics' answer to Lewis Carroll, with Alice having changed into a possum and left Wonderland behind for a swamp. (Nov.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Booklist Review

After numerous delays, this essential purchase for any collection that values comic-strip reprints is finally available. While Kelly rejiggered his strips in a series of Simon & Schuster paperbacks, modifying and adding panels to create a more seamless flow, this is the first collection of complete material presented as it originally ran in newspapers, including the Sunday strips that often existed outside of the story lines running in the dailies. In these 1949-51 strips from the first two years of Pogo's two-and-a-half-decades run, the direct political satire is mostly broadly focused (thinly masked approximations of headliners from McCarthy and Nixon to Castro and Khrushchev would all spend time in Okefenokee Swamp), but the inventive wordplay, idiosyncratic swamp patter, and goofy slapstick are all in full effect right from the start, as is the broad cast of loony critters that would eventually number upwards of 500 distinct characters. Due to run 12 volumes, this collection completes the holy trifecta, along with Charles Schulz' Peanuts and George Herriman's Krazy Kat, of comic strips whose influence cannot be overstated.--Chipman, Ian Copyright 2010 Booklist