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The sum of all shadows
First edition.
New York : Forge, a Tom Doherty Associates book, 2019.
Physical Description:
348 pages ; 25 cm.
Series title(s):
General Note:
Sequel to: Four dominions.
"The final Testament novel is here! For millennia, Lucifer--the Sum of All Shadows--has been biding his time, rebuilding his influence. At long last, he is ready to enact his ultimate revenge: to reverse the bitter humiliation of the Fall by leading the annihilation of heaven. To combat the ultimate destroyer, Bravo and Emma Shaw have recovered the lost Testament, raced around the world, and battled enemies both human and other. Now, caught between enemies and friends and potential enemies, they must find the lost treasure of King Solomon's alchemical gold and cross not only the world but even time itself to stop the infernal army. But even if they are successful, their lives may still be forfeit..."-- Provided by publisher.


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Lustbader, E.
Lustbader, E.

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The Sum of All Shadows is the dramatic finale of New York Times bestselling author Eric Van Lustbader's pulse-pounding Testament series.

The Final Battle is here.

For millennia, Lucifer--the Sum of All Shadows--has been rebuilding his influence. At long last, he is ready to enact his ultimate revenge against Heaven. To do that, he must first annihilate the world and its inhabitants.

Standing in his way is one extraordinary family: the Shaws.

To save the world, Bravo and Emma Shaw have recovered the lost Testament, battled across continents, and fought adversaries both powerful and terrifying. But nothing that has come before can prepare them for the Final Battle. As predicted centuries ago, the End Times has arrived. Lucifer, heading an infernal army, means to destroy the Shaws once and for all. Now, racing to find the lost treasure of King Solomon's alchemical gold, Bravo and Emma must put their trust in strangers in strange lands.

But even if they are successful, their lives may still be forfeit...

Author Notes

ERIC VAN LUSTBADER is the author of many New York Times bestselling thrillers, including The Testament , First Daughter , Last Snow , and Blood Trust . Lustbader was chosen by Robert Ludlum's estate to continue the Jason Bourne series, and his Bourne novels include The Bourne Legacy (also a 2012 film) and The Bourne Betrayal . He and his wife live on the South Fork of Long Island.

Reviews 2

Publisher's Weekly Review

In bestseller Lustbader's dense, complex fourth Testament novel (after 2018's Four Dominions), artifacts expert Emma Shaw and her scholar brother, Bravo, must stop Lucifer (aka the Sum of All Shadows) from destroying the very fabric of heaven. With the help of new allies Ayla, who's equipped with psychic powers, and Molly, who possesses powers of a vaguer sort, the Shaw siblings dive deep into the Hollow Lands to seek the secrets that will defeat Lucifer's infernal army. Early on, Emma separates from the others and heads for the caverns beneath Lebanon to seek King Solomon's mines, knowing that the treasure there might provide the group's only means to conquer the Sum of All Shadows. Meanwhile, Bravo, Molly, and Ayla continue their quest after the unsettling experience of watching a painting of the Last Supper bleed human blood. Readers not already invested in this overwrought saga will struggle to keep track of the large cast. Those who like their apocalyptic thrillers unencumbered with character development will best appreciate this one. Agent: Henry Morrison, Henry Morrison Inc. (July) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

Kirkus Review

Heaven and hell duke it out once again in this fourth religious fantasy thriller in the author's Testament series (Four Dominions, 2018, etc.).Lucifer, the Principal Resident of hell and the Sum of All Shadows, is fed up with God. So after eonsor at least after three previous Testament installmentshe decides to organize the Fallen to "begin their final assault on Heaven." Of all possible places in the universe, this plot involves climbing out a hole in the Syrian island of Arwad. Their biggest obstacle is not the creator himself but "the accursed Shaw familythe only humans with the knowledge and power to defeat his purpose." They are the siblings Emma and Bravo Shaw, who are Gnostic Observatines. The Principal Resident wants to drive a wedge between brother and sister, who may not be wholly human. Their great-great grandmother Chynna Sikar had mated with the Fallen Seraph of "Unparalleled Glamour," Leviathan. He is "something out of a lunatic's nightmare: a six-winged beast with red and gold eyes, a bestial snout, and ears like a bat's wings." Adding to the charm, he likes chowing down on human bones and surrounds himself with an armada of buzzing flies. So what's not to like? And there's Oq Ajdar, a chimera that changes from a dragon to a sea serpent to an eagle in a few blinks of the eye. Even good guys take strange form, as Emma is rescued from certain death by a big frog wearing a waistcoat, formal jacket, trousers with a satin stripe, and "jaunty silk ascot." At least he wasn't holding a martini glass. The premise is a highly imaginative take on the eternal conflict between good and evil, and just because this novel has a satisfying conclusion doesn't mean that Lucifer, like Schwarzenegger, won't be back.Readers able to suspend great gobs of disbelief will enjoy this yarn, but they might do well to read the books in order. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.