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Cover image for Food anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of our edible world
Food anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of our edible world
North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2016]
Physical Description:
221 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Food for thought -- Eat your fruits and veggies -- A grain of truth -- The meat of the matter -- Dairy queens -- Street food -- Season to taste -- Drink up! -- Sweet tooth.
Delve into the culinary world with Julia Rothman's delightful visual tour of cookery and international cuisine. Histories and curiosities of food around the world are illustrated and explained with Rothman's uniquely charming style. What does an asparagus fork look like? What country puts banana sauce on their French fries? What's the difference between fish fillet and fish steak? Indulge yourself with a recommended daily allowance of facts and fun.--COVER.

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641.3 Rothman
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Get your recommended daily allowance of facts and fun with Food Anatomy , the third book in Julia Rothman's best-selling Anatomy series. She starts with an illustrated history of food and ends with a global tour of street eats. Along the way, Rothman serves up a hilarious primer on short order egg lingo and a mouthwatering menu of how people around the planet serve fried potatoes -- and what we dip them in. Award-winning food journalist Rachel Wharton lends her editorial expertise to this light-hearted exploration of everything food that bursts with little-known facts and delightful drawings. Everyday diners and seasoned foodies alike are sure to eat it up.

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Booklist Review

The food encyclopedia meets the graphic novel in this knowledgeable basic introduction to all things edible. Rothman begins her exploration of eating with some informative colored line drawings of table settings from cultures the world over. Her brief survey of historical equipment illustrates the evolution of the stove from rococo cast-iron behemoths to today's high-tech kitchen appliances. Her drawings enhance explanations of food technologies from cheese manufacturing to production of all sorts of Western and Eastern noodles. A few recipes appear, ranging from a complex method for Finnish rye bread to rich kugel, a baked noodle pudding. Textual and visual glossaries abound, defining grains, cheeses, cakes, and even glassware. There is a section on the making of beverages, including tea, coffee, wine, and liquors. Rothman keeps technical terminology to a minimum, making this compendium generally accessible, even to the untutored. Keeping matters lighthearted, she parses American diner cooks' entertainingly unique lingo. An interesting choice for most cooking collections.--Knoblauch, Mark Copyright 2016 Booklist

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 6
Chapter 1 Food for Thoughtp. 11
A Brief History of Food
A few Tasty words to Know
Place Setting
Kinds of Forks
In the (International) Cupboard
Traditional Ovens
A Century of Stoves
The Ice Age of Refrigeration
Chapter 2 Eat Your fruits and Veggiesp. 37
Dining on the Plant Family
Fruit Facts
How a Flower Becomes a Fruit
The Parents of Produce
All in the Family
Sundry Celeries
Obscure Beauties
Tropical Fruits
Berry Basics
Little Known Terms for Commom Tree Fruit
Go Bananas
Surprising Salad Greens
Famous Fungi
The Truffle Hunter
Yam vs. Sweet Potato
Shell Games
Feeling Nutty
Cracking Up
How to make Tofu
Chapter 2 A grain of Truthp. 69
Good Grains
Kinds of Rice
Growing Rice
Rolling the Dough
Baking traditional Finish Rye Bread
Sumptuous Sandwiches
Some Pasta Shapes
Making Pasta
Making Noodles
Asian Noodle Dishes
Jane's Noddle Pudding
Delectable Dumplings
Chapter 4 The Meat of the Matterp. 101
Prime Cutts
How Meat Cooks
On the Charcuterie Plate
Sausage Blends
Butchery Tools
Meaty Dishes
Five Faboulous Food Fish
How to Fillet a Fish
Regal Roe
Other Edible Sea Creatures
The Fishmonger's Lexicon
Seafood Cookery Tools
Fresh Fish
Commonly Eaten Clams
Kinds of Sushi
On the Sushi Menu
Eating the Whole Chicken
The Incredible Egg
Short Order Egg Lingo
Chapter 5 Dairy Queensp. 133
Milk Maid Math
Terms of the Trade
Delicious Dairy
How to Make Butter
Real Deal Buttermilk Pancakes
Cut the Cheese
Cheese Anatomy
The Basic Steps in Making Cheese
Types of Cheese
American Cheese
Curd Nerdisms
Chapter 6 Street Foodp. 149
Serious Snacks with Funny Names
With your Fries
Hot Dawg
Five Styles of Meat on a Stick
Anatomy of a Food Truck
On the Streets
Pizza, Pizza
Taqueria Terminology
Chapter 7 Season to Tastep. 163
6 Superb Spice Blends
That's Hot
A Little Something Sweet
In the Sugar House Creamy Maple Mocha Pudding
Olive Oil Argot
How to Make Vinegar
Chapter 8 Drink Upp. 179
Espresso Guide
A Spot of Tea
What's Brewing?
Tea Time
When Life Gives you Lemons
Shikanjvi for Two
Fizzy Sips
The equations of Fermented Beverages
The Basic Steps in Making Wine
Wine Tasting
The Cocktail Maker's Toolkit
Chapter 9 Sweet Toothp. 199
Common Cakes
Cake-Making Terms
We All Scream for Ice Cream
Sundae Anatomy
How Chocolate is Made
Wordly Treats
A Spoonful of Sugar
Butterscoth Sauce
In an Old-Fashioned Candy
Pastry Tools
Soft Sweets
Americal Pie
The Fortune Cookie