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Casting light on the dark web : a guide for safe exploration
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2019]
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xvi, 116 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
1 What is the dark web? -- Ways to access the dark web -- What is the value of the dark web? -- What can the dark web do for me? -- 2 History of the Internet and dark web -- Beginner's overview of information theory -- Basic history of the Internet -- Understanding privacy needs on the early Internet -- From the deep web to the dark web -- Tor -- Freenet -- I2P -- 3 How it works: The dark details -- Understanding the internet -- The dark web -- 4 Distinguishing fact from fiction : Is the dark web really dark? -- How do we define the dark web? -- Myth 1: The dark web is the place where terrorists go to buy weapons and plan attacks -- Myth 2 : The dark web is mostly a marketplace for illicit drugs -- Myth 3 : The dark web has no value to an 'upstanding' citizen -- Myth 4 : It is illegal to use the dark web -- Myth 5 : The dark web will steal my personal information -- Myth 6 : I need to buy some special hardware or software in order to use the dark web -- Some prominent reports on the dark web -- 5 How to access the dark web -- How to install Tor -- How to install Freenet -- How to install I2P -- Similarities and differences between platforms -- Choosing which platform to use -- Is installing the dark web legal? -- Should I allow my child to download a dark web platform? -- 6 How to browse using the dark web -- How to browse Tor -- How to browse Freenet -- How to browse I2P -- Brief history of dark web sites -- Major dark web sites -- 7 Legal and ethical issues with the dark web -- History of legal and ethical issues on the dark web -- Examples of the illegal content available on the dark web -- How to avoid illegal content on the dark web -- Limiting others' access of illegal content on the dark web -- Can the dark web be taken down? Why you should care -- 8 Research and advocacy on the dark web -- Dark web research -- Infrastructure -- Advocacy -- Financial opportunity -- 9 Reaping the rewards of the dark web -- A tale of internet past -- The big pitch -- Final words -- The end.
Casting Light on the Dark Web: A Guide for Safe Exploration is an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to understanding how the dark web works and why you should be using it! Readers will be led on a tour of this elusive technology, from how to download the platform for personal or public use to how it can best be used for finding information. This guide busts myths and informs readers while remaining entertaining. Casting Light on the Dark Web is useful for people of all levels of interest knowledge and expertise. -- From back cover.
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Online version: Beckstrom, Matthew, author. Casting light on the dark web Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2019] 9781538120941 (DLC) 2019012440