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Motivational interviewing in groups
Motivational interviewing in groups
New York : The Guilford Press, [2013]
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xvi, 416 pages ; 24 cm
I. Foundations of Motivational Interviewing Groups -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Therapeutic Groups -- 3. Overview of Motivational Interviewing -- 4. Blending Motivational Interviewing and Group Practice -- 5. The Evidence Base for Motivational Interviewing Groups -- II. Motivational Interviewing Groups in Practice -- 6. Designing Motivational Interviewing Groups -- 7. Implementing Motivational Interviewing Groups -- 8. Shaping Group Conversations -- 9. Phase I: Engaging the Group -- 10. Phase II: Exploring Perspectives -- 11. Phase III: Broadening Perspectives -- 12. Phase IV: Moving into Action -- III. Applications of Motivational Interviewing Groups -- 13. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Mandated Substance Abuse Clients, Sandra S. Downey and Wendy R. Johnson -- 14. Motivational Interviewing-Transtheoretical Model Groups for Addictions, Mary Marden Velasquez, Nanette S. Stephens, and Kelli L. Drenner -- 15. Motivational Interviewing Empowerment Groups for Women with Addictions, Frances Jasiura, Winnie Hunt, and Cristine Urquhart -- 16. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Dually Diagnosed Patients, Steve Martino and Elizabeth J. Santa Ana -- 17. Motivational Interviewing Groups for People with Chronic Health Conditions, Claire Lane, Susan Butterworth, and Linda Speck -- 18. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Weight Management, Erin C. Dunn, Jacki Hecht, and Jonathan Krejci -- 19. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Men with a History of Intimate Partner Violence, Ann Carden and Mark Farrall -- 20. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Men with a History of Aggressive Sexual Behaviors, David S. Prescott and Marilyn Ross -- 21. Motivational Interviewing Groups for Adolescents and Emerging Adults, Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Scott T. Walters, and John S. Baer
"Subject Areas/Keywords: addictions, ambivalence, chronic health conditions, group psychotherapy, group therapy, intimate partner violence, MI, motivational interviewing, psychoeducational groups, resistance, sexual offenders, substance abuse, substance use disorders, support groups DESCRIPTION A unique clinical resource, this book shows how to infuse the methods and spirit of motivational interviewing (MI) into group-based interventions. The authors demonstrate how the four processes of MI with individuals translate into group contexts. They explain both the challenges and the unique benefits of MI groups, guiding practitioners to build the skills they need to lead psychoeducational, psychotherapeutic, and support groups successfully. A wealth of clinical examples are featured. Chapters by contributing authors present innovative group applications targeting specific problems: substance use disorders, dual diagnosis, chronic health conditions, weight management, adolescent risk behaviors, intimate partner violence, and sexual offending"-- Provided by publisher
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