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Motivational interviewing in social work practice
Motivational interviewing in social work practice
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New York : Guilford Press, c2012
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xiv, 178 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Why social work and motivational interviewing? -- The heart of motivational interviewing -- Motivational interviewing and the engagement and assessment process / with Hilda Loughran and Sally Mathiesen -- Supporting self-efficacy, or what if they don't think they can do it? / with Stéphanie Wahab and Katie Slack -- Expressing empathy : communicating understanding (even when it's hard) -- Developing discrepancy : using motivational interviewing in a group setting to increase ambivalence -- Rolling with resistance : motivational interviewing with adolescents, or "you can't make me" / with Elizabeth Barnett and Audrey M. Shillington -- Building collaboration : motivational interviewing in community organization work / with Mike Eichler -- Integrating motivational interviewing into social work practice / Rhoda Emlyn-Jones, Bill James and Cristine Urquhart -- Final thoughts : lessons learned from training and teaching motivational interviewing