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A tale of two Vikings.


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When twin Viking brothers are separated during battle, each must find a way to cope. But when the way leads each into the arms of two beautiful, feisty women, the warriors learn that love, too, is a battlefield.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

What do you get when you take two identical twin Vikings, pair them with some feisty ladies and throw in several large servings of absurdity and sex? The newest Viking romance from Hill (The Very Virile Viking, etc.). Although Hill is known for the fresh, funny, contemporary feel of her Viking romances, readers may overdose on the over-the-top antics she dishes up here. Exiled from their father's estate for their immature ways, Toste and Vagn Ivarsson have joined a band of warring Norsemen in Saxon lands. Just when they decide it's time to grow up and return to their country, a terrible battle finds them separated, each thinking the other dead. The lusty Vikings rebound quickly and soon find themselves chasing after the most unlikely women. Esme, Toste's shapely nurse/novice nun, heats his blood. Vagn, meanwhile, pursues hot-tempered Helga the Homely, the daughter of his Viking rescuer. Vagn lures her into bed many times over, despite her desire to be an independent woman, while Esme and Toste take turns tying each other up and having their way with each other. Each page is bawdier than the next, but Hill doesn't grant her characters much in the way of intelligence. Still, it's hard not to be happy for the "lackwit" Viking twins when they're finally reunited. Agent, Meredith Bernstein. (May) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Booklist Review

Two Vikings, Toste and Vagn Ivarsson, twins so identical that only a tiny birthmark differentiates them, find themselves in a battle to the death on their way to pillage a convent. Each brother believes the other to be dead, but each has been saved by a very different angel of mercy. Toste is under the care of Esme, a novice who doesn't trust men. After all, her own father and brothers keep trying to kill her for her inheritance. Vagn finds himself at the mercy of Helga the Homely, who suffered years of teasing because of the nickname Toste gave her, and she's not real fond of Vagn, either. Once again, Hill has come through with a Viking romance guaranteed to bring on the giggles. Two strong warriors are surprised at the combativeness of women in the war of the sexes, and Sex and the City goes Norse as Viking gals conduct down-and-dirty, and often hilarious, conversations about men. Throw in a five-legged pig, a very odd order of nuns, and a troubadour who sings bawdy songs, and you get quintessential Hill--outrageous, side-splitting, funny-bone-tickling entertainment. --Shelley Mosley Copyright 2004 Booklist